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Crooked DMV Employees Across the USA

Fraud at DMV Offices
After reading articles all over the internet on numerous Department of Motor
Vehicles employees being arrested on various charges, makes me wonder just how many
illegal drivers or citizens does the US really have. Most state license bureau
offices issue State Id’s. Its been reported employees of these state run offices are
supplying fraudulent drivers licenses and new id’s. How are we to know if someone
really exists?

This is a major problem and is not just with the entry level employees. Recently a
47 year old supervisor Lori Mann was charged with forgery, tampering with public
records and issuing a false certificate. It leaves one to wonder what all did this
supervisor, with 20 years on the job, do at the license bureau during her time

There is also reports in California that thousands of illegal licenses were obtained
over the years at various different California DMV offices. Not only is this
happening in the offices but several hundred NYPD police officers are charged with
changing car license plates and drivers license numbers on tickets.

Is there any kind of FBI check done on the state license bureau employees?

After reviewing several DMV sites it appears local license branch offices are not
required to do intense background checks on their employees. There are some small
towns and cities the DMV employees are hired without any background check. It should
be mandatory across the US that ALL Department of Motor Vehicle employees submit
fingerprint cards and be cleared by the FBI before gaining employment.

Innocent Consumers Must Comply on a Daily Basis.

All one has to do is read the google news and you will soon learn that the drivers license, drivers test, license plates and various other DMV services are being compromised throughout the US.
The ironic point here is that hard working honest
people are put through the grind every day at their local license bureau branch
office. John Q citizen must produce various pieces of paperwork. If the paperwork is not 100% complete many are forced to leave and return later with the missing papers.
In the meantime dishonest DMV employees are handing out illegal transactions by the thousands.
It is time the DMV state license bureau offices enact tougher screening and rules for their employees.

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The Massachusetts DMV

Massachusetts License Bureau Requirements

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation, or MassDOT, serves as the license
bureau for all cities and towns in Massachusetts. This license bureau was created
in 2009 by governor decree, and served to streamline the previous separate
transportation agencies that had been operating in the state. MassDOT is now in
charge of Mass Transit, Highway, Aeronautics, and the Registry of Motor Vehicles.
Specifically, the Registry of Motor Vehicles is the license and registration bureau
for all vehicle and aircraft in the state. This includes overseeing inspection
stations for both non-commercial and commercial vehicles.

Massachusetts Licensing Bureau One Of The First In The Nation

The state of New York was the first state to require owners to register their
automobiles. This began in 1901, as roads in the northeast became clogged with
autos, pedestrians and horse drawn carriages. Massachusetts quickly followed New
York by requiring registration plates in 1903, as well as driver licensing.
Massachusetts officials had already formed a Commission of Inquiry, whose purpose
was to report on the condition of the many roads. The origins of the MassDOT can be
traced back to this Commission.

Today the MassDOT, or license bureau, is available online. Their site has extensive
listings and links including information on driving evaluation programs, elder
driver workshops and information on obtaining commercial licensure. Their site also
offers online quizzes and courses, tips for saving fuel and a car-buying guide.

Different Licenses For Qualified Operators

Massachusetts requires special licensure for the operation of school buses,
motorcycles and commercial vehicles. For people interested in getting a CDL
license, MassDOT offers a written test that must be passed in order to get a permit.
A CDL permit is good for two years. A person who then applies for a commercial
driving license must pass both a written and a driving test.

When taking the road test, the driver has to supply the commercial vehicle. The
driver also has to obtain a valid medical certificate from MassDOT. If someone has
obtained a CDL license in another state, the license bureau allows it to be
converted to a Massachusetts CDL license as long as certain criteria are met. The
criteria includes proof of two years driving experience, copy of driving records and
verification of employment. Massachusetts is considered one of the toughest states
when it comes to CDL licensure, along with California.

Massachusetts License Bureau Allows Online Transactions

The MassDOT has made many transactions available online. This was a move
specifically created to cut down on wait times at local branch offices. License
bureau renewals, duplicates and permits can all be done online. Residents can also
fill out a change of address, request driving records and pay citation fines online.
Massachusetts citizens can also conduct registration renewal and duplicate requests
right from the comfort of their own home. The MassDOT website has forms and manuals
that can be downloaded for quick processing. The Massachusetts license bureau has a
Twitter account and maintains its own blog, both of which can be accessed on their
home site.

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New Mexico License Bureau: So Easy a ILLEGAL Immigrant Can Do It

If you are looking for a state license bureau to obtain an easy drivers license you might try the state of New Mexico. It appears the state liberal democrats recently passed legislation allowing the continuance of drivers license for ILLEGAL immigrants.

It appears the New Mexico legislation doesn’t understand what the word Illegal means. While honest Americans are, obeying the laws, providing social security numbers, reporting taxes, and being penalized at every turn, the illegal immigrants keep bypassing the system.

The only measure to counter act this ruling is to drop your social security number, learn Spanish, have no paperwork and apply for an Illegal immigrant drivers license yourself. If thousands would apply this technique and bombard the license bureau office, they may get the message.

The cost to process and handle the ILLEGAL immigrants drivers license is in the Millions of dollars. This of course is being paid by the honest hard working US citizens of New Mexico.

Nuevo México quiere a los inmigrantes ilegales
Vamos a ir a Estados Unidos

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100 MPG: No Drivers License Needed

In today’s economy with gasoline reaching $4 per gallon consumers are looking for ways to save money. There are several states that offer unrestricted regulations on Mopeds. There is no drivers license, license plate, insurance, title, or helmet required to operate a moped in several states. The states of Montana, Virginia, North Carolina and West Virgina are considered some of the states where anyone can operate a Moped without regulations or drivers license required. Considering the cost of drivers license, insurance, license plates and other DMV fees, along with the mileage per gallon sometimes reaching 100 mpg, people are looking into other means of transportation.

Some states require only drivers license to operate mopeds or scooters. There are a few states that are now considering to lessen the rules and regulations, in the events of recent economic conditions and the rise of gasoline prices, on small scooters, electric bicycles, mopeds and even golf carts.

Visit your local license bureau website and check out the rules and regulations on small scooters and mopeds. Check your local craigslist or ebay for used or new ones for sale. You may want to invest in one if the gasoline prices continue to rise.

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Tips When Going to Your DMV Office

Tips For Getting In & Out of the DMV Fast

We all dread it: that snake-like line that forms around the chairs and sometimes out
the door. Even with the invention of smart phones and iPads, the wait still feels
like forever. No one likes to take a whole day off work to run errands. The good
news is there are certain things you can do to make your visit to the Department of
Motor Vehicles as quick and painless as possible.

1. Visit the DMV office at the best times.
– Generally, the best days to visit a license branch are mid-week.
– Avoid Mondays and Fridays, which are the busiest days.
– Generally, the best times to visit a drivers license office is 9:30 – 11:30 am.
– Another good time to visit a drivers license office is 2 – 4 pm.
– Avoid the first and last day of the month and the day following a holiday.

2. Bring the appropriate payment with you.
– Arrive at the DMV office with cash or check.
– If you need to pay using credit, then do it online.

3. Do it from home, if possible.
– Save $3 on your license plate renewal by completing the online form.
– Save $5 on your title application by mailing it in.
– Renew your driver’s license online with your credit card.

4. Look for third party service providers.
– Need your plates renewed? Try a vehicle emission inspection station.
– Need a title or registration renewal? Check your state DMV website for a complete
list of Title-registration service providers.

5. Arrive at the DMV office prepared.
– Have proof of identity (license, permit, passport, military ID, marriage certificate)
– Know your social security number by heart or bring your card with you as proof of ID
– Bring proof of your name and birth date (birth certificate, passport, photo ID)
– Bring proof of your residency (utility bill, piece of mail, school transcript,
employer paycheck, bank account statement, medical assistance card)
– Bring proof of presence if you are an immigrant (certificate of citizenship or
naturalization, alien registration card, or temporary resident card)

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