State License Bureau Needs To Go Private

State License Bureau Needs To Go Private

It is a common fact that most people know about government agencies, all of them are inefficient. The states need to get out of the license bureau business. The cost of producing license plates, even using prison labor, is very costly. Private enterprise could produce, manage, and distribute state license plates at a cheaper rate and more efficient pace.

The equipment most states use in producing license plates is antique by today’s standards. In Europe license plates are manufactured using a faster and safer method. Some states have begun producing “Flat” style license plates. The problem with this method is there life is shortened and require the consumer to replace them more often.

In most of Europe if you need to get an license plate you simply go to a private business and get it there. Private small companies produce the license plate and handle the paperwork. There system is efficient, cost effective and hassle free.

Here in the states the local license bureau which have control over the distribution of license plates are in majority of cases inefficient. Many of them have long lines along with rude attitudes. Lots of license bureau’s are politically controlled by whichever party is in control at the time.

We are now vastly into the computer age and information is handled in many times within minutes. Private small business could issue license plates and streamline the process to a minimum. With the vast computer technology they could provide the required information to the state database also. In the end you would have a much easier, cheaper, and more efficient private license bureau branch.