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Crooked DMV Employees Across the USA

Fraud at DMV Offices
After reading articles all over the internet on numerous Department of Motor
Vehicles employees being arrested on various charges, makes me wonder just how many
illegal drivers or citizens does the US really have. Most state license bureau
offices issue State Id’s. Its been reported employees of these state run offices are
supplying fraudulent drivers licenses and new id’s. How are we to know if someone
really exists?

This is a major problem and is not just with the entry level employees. Recently a
47 year old supervisor Lori Mann was charged with forgery, tampering with public
records and issuing a false certificate. It leaves one to wonder what all did this
supervisor, with 20 years on the job, do at the license bureau during her time

There is also reports in California that thousands of illegal licenses were obtained
over the years at various different California DMV offices. Not only is this
happening in the offices but several hundred NYPD police officers are charged with
changing car license plates and drivers license numbers on tickets.

Is there any kind of FBI check done on the state license bureau employees?

After reviewing several DMV sites it appears local license branch offices are not
required to do intense background checks on their employees. There are some small
towns and cities the DMV employees are hired without any background check. It should
be mandatory across the US that ALL Department of Motor Vehicle employees submit
fingerprint cards and be cleared by the FBI before gaining employment.

Innocent Consumers Must Comply on a Daily Basis.

All one has to do is read the google news and you will soon learn that the drivers license, drivers test, license plates and various other DMV services are being compromised throughout the US.
The ironic point here is that hard working honest
people are put through the grind every day at their local license bureau branch
office. John Q citizen must produce various pieces of paperwork. If the paperwork is not 100% complete many are forced to leave and return later with the missing papers.
In the meantime dishonest DMV employees are handing out illegal transactions by the thousands.
It is time the DMV state license bureau offices enact tougher screening and rules for their employees.

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