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Florida License Bureau Prints Titles

Florida License Bureau Prints Titles

Have you ever bought a car, truck or motorcycle then found a better deal or model. You want to buy the other vehicle but you have to wait a few days or even weeks to get back your title from the license bureau on the one you just bought. Well Florida Department of Motor Vehicles now prints the title on the spot.

When you go into your local Florida license bureau office branch and register your vehicle, Florida will then print a new title in your name and hand it back to you. No more waiting for your title to arrive in the mail. This is great news and makes it easy to sell your vehicle immediately if the need to do so is necessary.

This new instant title service benefits both the consumer and the state of Florida. The state will save millions on postage, while the consumer will save time in getting the title instantly for their vehicle. If you sell your vehicle now you can go to your local license bureau with the buyer and he or she can get their new title in their name instantly. More states need to follow this practice.

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