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New Mexico License Bureau: So Easy a ILLEGAL Immigrant Can Do It

If you are looking for a state license bureau to obtain an easy drivers license you might try the state of New Mexico. It appears the state liberal democrats recently passed legislation allowing the continuance of drivers license for ILLEGAL immigrants.

It appears the New Mexico legislation doesn’t understand what the word Illegal means. While honest Americans are, obeying the laws, providing social security numbers, reporting taxes, and being penalized at every turn, the illegal immigrants keep bypassing the system.

The only measure to counter act this ruling is to drop your social security number, learn Spanish, have no paperwork and apply for an Illegal immigrant drivers license yourself. If thousands would apply this technique and bombard the license bureau office, they may get the message.

The cost to process and handle the ILLEGAL immigrants drivers license is in the Millions of dollars. This of course is being paid by the honest hard working US citizens of New Mexico.

Nuevo México quiere a los inmigrantes ilegales
Vamos a ir a Estados Unidos

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